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Advanced technology associated with the constant research and development, represents our starting point to provide more and more products and services innovative and effective. Our electro-medical devices for Tecar therapy are the most effective on the market.

  • Efficacy of devices, supported by scientific studies

  • Research and constant development, our pivotal point

  • Constant Training on our machines, essential for a correct and effective use

  • Attention to customer needs at 360 °, to which we provide answers and targeted solutions

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Tecar innovation: discover the Roll-On handpiece, exclusive White Medical & Beauty patent, effective drug delivery and maximum ergonomics!


Our specific products for physiotherapists, massage therapists, osteopaths. Discover the evidence of effectiveness of our tecar!

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Our tecar devices for the world of aesthetics, usage evidence and related research


The tecar devices dedicated to our most loyal friends, studies, evidences

The basic attitude of the therapist towards a patient must be of solicitude, acceptance, spontaneity and empathy. Nothing, no technical consideration, takes precedence over this attitude.


Know your anatomy and your physiology, but when you put your hands on a patient's body, do not forget that a living soul lives there.

Andrew Taylor Still

One's health is true well-being

Mahatma Gandhi

Take good care of your body, it's the only place you have to live

Jim Rohn

The world is in the hands of those who dare to dream and run the risk of living their dreams

Paulo Coelho

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First of all, the health of the physiotherapist

First of all the health of the physiotherapist We always think about the health and comfort of the patient, but who thinks about the therapists? Dozens of treatments a day, using an instrument that, although totally safe, can lead to discomfort. The first of the three problems that we have highlighted of the almost totality of the Tecar market is the absorption of energy which is done incorrectly using the supplied handpiece. We have started the development of the new handpiece for continuous complaints about having to use the Tecar electrode with your hand, [...]

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